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ok i wanna tell all of u something that i only post in blog
not others such as facebook..! i never post on it..
i'll make sure it..

right, i have leave my blog since february as u know larr..
if u all follow me always...u should know about this..
so, right now i'm BACK..!!
but i'll not promise to update more and more after this
because this year..a lot of thing and work that i have to push completely to get what i want
now,let me tell u about the topic above.ok.!! (^,^)

it describe as such a great feeling in ourlife..
am i right dear? 
LOVE can live when there are have truthfull 
that love are the most needed in ourlife__

  • love that not dead is toward our RABB that is ALLAH s.w.t
  • love that is forever destiny is toward our RASULULLAH s.a.w
  • love that is forever and ever is our MAMA and ABAH
  • love that is until dead and flow towards heaven is totally our HUSBAND/WIFE

motive of the topic here is we have to appreciate what we have now

  • we have our great ALLAH s.w.t
  • we have our wonderful human RASULULLAH s.a.w
  • we have our sweeties parents MAMA and ABAH
  • we have our darling future HUSBAND/WIFE

such a outstanding life if we describe it deeply
not just about love but we can describe anything that lastly result is really unbelievable

ok,next i want to share something about our fourth lovers towards to
as i write just now..
it is our husband and wife
but those who never had husband/wife yet
who's their fourth lover???
your boyfriend/girlfriend??
i don't think so..
so who's??

let me explain..
the fourth lover is OURSELVES.!
don't believe it.. it carefully dear..

P/S :  this message is for my lovely followers that unmarried yet

in teenagers world, we have a lot advanture challenges that we should success
for example in our examination...we have to score it right??
that is about our target on ambition..
how about love feeling towards boy and girl??
is that also the challenge?
YES you are..!
that is a great challenge that you have to through it little by little and carefully
if you dropped or lost it you'll done dear...
this challenge we call how to control the passion
how we have to manage it??
to control it..
we have to have a strong heart and truthfull to ourselves that one day we'll found our destiny too
that is just a passion that uncontrol in our body..
the passion in our body flow with the hormones
so,it is not just passion we have to control but the hormones also
ok,once we manage these..they are OVER..!
we have win.!!

i want to share something about myself to all my buddies..
i have a experience feeling towards this lucky boy
i really2 love him
i want him to be mine...
walk together and bla..bla.. together
but those are just feeling not more than that..
one day when i think about my feeling again...
i felt like it just wasted my time... and also it is the biggest sin
alhamdulillah..i can control it now although rarely that feel wanted to explode
but i calm myself with "those feelings that i feel are just the stupid feeling i have to avoid and escape it"
and one important thing that make me feel free now is the word
"once you faithful to your future husband/wife insyaALLAH your future husband/wife 
also does it to you too"
last but not least..

  • no couple before married
  • faithful is sometime good towards your future soon
  • make a lot of friend but not a lot of lovers
  • if you have now..just clash with him/her although it is not easy but just do it
  • makes you as his/her first lover in future
  • love yourselves until you find him/her soon
  • share your love with yours

my advice to my cutiest buddies..
"don't make any decision in uncontrol make you dead one day"
so,before make conclusion to create decision think wise and carefully
because for now you lovers is yourselves  not others just you dear..

islam have teach us the outstanding knowledge..
love that is really2 awesome and sweet forever is when you 'married'
so,we have to alert and remember it
not just know but did't alert about it
it just a waste teach it to you
thank you for resting to read my story morry
hope u love and make it as a motivated in your life
assalamualaikum darling..!!
see you again..=)))

P/S : just want to improve my english writing with my story.!huhuhu

LOVE reading..!! LOVE u allss..!! LIKE plezz..!!

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