i'm BACK !!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Allahu.. dah nak dekat 3 tahun x berupdate blog kesayanganku
banyak benda yang dilalui , ditempuhi , diceburi dan etc
sepanjang sepeninggalan aku kat blog ni (macam cerita rakyat pon ade)

syukur kehadratNya..
masih berkesempatan untuk menconteng kat wall blog
(pejam celik)x2
dah 20th years dah umoku
statt berblogg masa form 3 kalau x salah laa..
5 tahun daahh..wow! fantastic baby..Dance ! haha
kejap je kan masa berlalu..

okay..back to the definition my dear.. (ayat lecturer physic)
my last post...if i'm not mistaken was about my outstanding memoir Umrah.
Wow.. it has past 3rd year. after the trip..i stop writing.
cause..i'm really buzy prepared myself to continue my study at college.
Alhamdulillah..i went to kmph and been there altmost a year..
when i got into that college..it really tough to connect the wifi and internet.
thats why..my writing process in my blogy just stop like that..
i'm not missing.. i'm just here.
i'm just not active anymore..but still..i'll try my best to spent my time here.
In Shaa Allah..

it was awesome memory at college.
i got bunch of friends
nice..bad..cute..machoo..spoiler..and etc
great lecturer..also we called them teacher..but still  they're quite different than teacher at school.
or it just my own view.

ex-matriculation student's life

after the matriculation lesson end.
Alhamdulillah once again... i got promote to continued my study in degree.
before this, pahang and now fly to johor
cause i got in at UTHM. or else univesity tun hussein onn malaysia.
so farrrrrrrrrr away from my home. (sobbbbbb T,T)

uthm student's life. 

Later, i'm now second year student's of real eatate management.
so far so good. although alot of problem.
Alhamdulillah.. i managed to settle it.
yeaaahh u know as a student, we will face up problem everyday.
so,we have to handle it smartly and accept it as our lesson for future.
right buddds?

i think that's all from now. peaace yawww

me now ! haha

LOVE reading..!! LOVE u allss..!! LIKE plezz..!!

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